WinZip AES Cracking Core

This core is actually just a modification of the WPA-PSK cracking core, since WinZip uses PBKDF2 to do its password hashing. All that we did was change the iteration count from 4096 to 1000. Because of the lower iteration count, winzipcrack will crack hashes roughly 4x faster than cowpatty and have roughly the same speed improvement over cracking on a CPU.


Currently winzipcrack has support for cracking on your CPU or using a Pico E-12 card. All you need to use winzipcrack is the zip file, the name of the encrypted file in the zip file, and a list of passwords you want to try. Typically a laptop will get around 320 passphrases per second and a E-12 will get around 1800 per second.

3300 Sempron
2.16GHz Intel Duo

Pico E-12 (Virtex-4 LX25)

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